1. Adding Hyperise snippet to your website

personalise your website with hyperise

1.1 using Google Tag Manager


1.2 using Wordpress

Personalising Wordpress websites

1.3 using HTML

add the hyperise snippet using HTML manually

1.4 using JAM Stack

Personalising websites built on a JAM stack, ie React, NextJs, Gatsby, Vue etc

1.5 using Wix

Personalising Wix websites

1.6 using Squarespace

personalising Squarespace websites

1.7 using Unbounce

Personalising Unbounce websites

1.8 using Instapage

Personalising Instapage websites

1.9 using BigCommerce

Personalising BigCommerce websites

1.10 using WooCommerce

Personalising WooCommerce websites

1.11 using Kajabi

personalising your Kajabi website with Hyperise

1.12 using highlevel

Using highlevel with Hyperise to personalize your website and funnels

1.13 using Kartra

1.13 using Kartra to personalize your website pages

2. Defining Personalisation on your website

Adding Personalisation to your website

2.1 Website Segmentation

How to define segment and apply personalization

2.2 Form website personalization

Form website personalization

2.3 Reverse IP Lookups

How to detect anonymous visitors to your website and apply personalisation.

2.4 Advanced HTML personalisation

Advanced HTML personalisation

2.5 Personalising Open Graph Tags

Personalising Open Graph Tags

2.6 Website cookies

Website cookies

3 Testing your website personalisation

How to test your website personalisation

Your website’s Performance

Your website’s Performance with Hyperise