3. Testing your website personalisation

How to test your website personalisation

Written by AshLast update 1 year ago

Once you have added the snippet and defined some personalisation using the Website personalisation toolbar Chrome extension, you'll want to test, to see how it looks.

The easiest way to do this is visit your website and then append the utm_hyperef parameter to your website URL and set to an email you with to personalise to.

So if you website is example.com and you've just defined personalisation on your demo.html landing page then the URL you would put in the browser to see personalisation for Tim would be:


The utm_hyperef parameter is the Hyperise catchall identifier, any additional data added alongside a utm_hyperef will be saved against that value and will be retrieved whenever that value is used.

So using the utm_hyperef on your wesbite, will retrieve all the data pushed to your images from your CRM or email platforms.

Instead of using the utm_hyperef to retrieve all stored data against that identifier, you can also use separate parameters to set personalisation on a website page.

For example the following URL could also be used to set business name and first name personalisation on the above exampled URL:


Once personalisation has been set, a cookie will be saved, which will ensure the personalisation is sticky.  If you with to remove the personalisation, you can delete the Hyperise cookies.

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