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Google Tag Manager

  1. Go to your Google Tag Manager.

  2. In the menu on the left, click Tags.

    GTM left menu - tags

  3. Click New.

    GTM tags - new button

  4. Click on the Tag Configuration box. In the Choose tag type list, select Custom HTML.

    GTM - Custom HTML tag configuration

  5. Paste Hyperise's tracking code in the HTML box that appears below.  If you're unsure where to get your Hyperise snippet from, checkout the Adding the Hyperise snippet to your website Guide.

  6. Click the Triggering box.

    GTM - Triggering box

  7. Under Choose a trigger, select All Pages to enable Hyperise to track your entire site.

    GTM - Trigger all pages

  8. In the upper left corner, give a meaningful name to this new tag, such as ″Hyperise″.

  9. Your tag configuration page should look like this:

  10. In the upper right corner of the overview click Submit.

    GTM - Submit tag configuration

  11. Give the new version a descriptive name and click Publish.

    GTM - Publish changes

12. After publishing the code, verify the installation via the Hyperise Hyper-Campaign

Congratulations, you've now installed the Hyperise snippet, next check out the Personalising your website guide for further details on how to define the personalisation your website pages.

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