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Personalising Wordpress websites

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  1. Log in to your WordPress account.

  2. In the left side menu, click Plugins and then select Add New.

    WordPress - Add new plugin

  3. Search for ″Hyperise″ in the Search Plugins… input field.

  4. Install the official Hyperise plugin by clicking Install Now, and then Activate.

  5. Now, click Hyperise in the main menu.

  6. Copy and paste your Hyperise snippet code into the input field.   If you're unsure where to get your Hyperise snippet from, checkout the Adding the Hyperise snippet to your website Guide.

  7. Click Save Changes.

  8. After adding the code, verify the installation via the Hyperise Hyper-Campaign

    Congratulations, you've now installed the Hyperise snippet, next check out the Personalising your website guide for further details on how to define the personalisation your website pages.

  9. Optional: Use our Wordpress plugin to update Open Graph tags on individual pages, Read more here about using Open Graph tags.

The Image Hash is the image file name part of the image link (between the final / and the .png) and this along with your personalised title and description, using the same personalisation tags as you would do in a Hyperise image template.

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