2.3 Reverse IP Lookups

How to detect anonymous visitors to your website and apply personalisation.

Written by AshLast update 2 years ago

Reverse IP Lookups

As well as using utm_hyperef URL parameters to identify users, via outreach campaigns, we can also identify prospects using their IP address.  When a visitor to your site works for a medium or enterprise business, they are more than likely to have a dedicated IP address and so can be tracked back to a company.  

Using this match, we're able to enrich with firmographic data, and personalise to company level.

Once you have enabled reverse IP lookups, you will see new prospect discoveries on the dashboard, as well as in the IP Lookups Log, which can drilled into and exported, as well as linking through to LinkedIn to discover prospects..

To enable this, you need to purchase a IP lookup bundle, which costs $99 and provides 500 unique IP lookups.  You can purchase a IP Lookup bundle here.

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