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personalising Squarespace websites

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  1. You can insert the code to your Squarespace page using Code Block.

  2. Open a page or post editor, click Insert Point or + and select Code from the menu.

  3. Make sure that HTML is selected in the drop-down menu.

    Squarespace - HTMl

  4. Replace <p>Hello, World!<p> with your Hyperise snippet code.   If you're unsure where to get your Hyperise snippet from, checkout the Adding the Hyperise snippet to your website Guide.

  5. Now, click Apply to publish your changes.

  6. After adding the code, verify the installation via the Hyperise Hyper-Campaign

    Congratulations, you've now installed the Hyperise snippet, next check out the Personalising your website guide for further details on how to define the personalisation your website pages.

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