Adding Images to Templates via WYSIWYG

Adding Images to Templates via WYSIWYG

Written by IanLast update 5 months ago

To add Hyperise Images to your message templates is super simple and only takes two steps!

Step One

Click the Get Image Code button below the image canvas, select Add New to find the platform you're using. If you can't find it, select Custom Integration to add it yourself (learn more about this process here ).

Once you have added the integration, copy the Image code.  The image code copied will include all the required personalisation tags to personalise your message template.

Step Two

Now all that is needed is to add the copied image code to your template in your selected platform.

Using the Visual or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) option, you simply need to place the cursor in the position where you want the image to be placed and paste in the image, which was copied during step one.

Just select right click and paste, or Control V and the image will be added, just like that, so simple!

Thats the process finished! The Image code will now dynamically personalise each time the message template is used, without any further work needed.

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