Embedding Custom Integrations

Embedding Custom Integrations

Written by IanLast update 5 months ago

There are three ways you can embed a Hyperise image into your integration platform of choice.


Use this option if your selected platform has a view source option, which enables you to view the message template source code. Hyperise will provide the full HTML code for the image, which can then be added to your message, simple toggle to the source/HTML view, paste in the code copied from Hyperise and then toggle back to WYSIWYG view and you're image will now be visible.

Image Link

Use this option if your selected platform has an Insert Image via URL option. This will enable you to add the image to your message template as an image.


Failing the possibility of the first two options, this choice will enable you to copy the image code in WYSIWYG mode, meaning you can copy the image code and paste it directly into the message body, without having to toggle to view source mode, or add an image.

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