Your Data - Overview

Discover how to optimise your campaigns with our 'Your Data' feature. Learn to sync data, cache images, and enhance your marketing efforts

Written by DavidLast update 6 months ago

Introducing the "Your Data" feature, a convenient and swift solution for synchronising your data with Hyperise and preloading your images for seamless integration into your campaigns, ideal for enhancing optimisation.

Within this segment, you have the ability to:

  1. Upload a CSV file

  2. Connect to a Google Sheet

  3. Pre-configure all your data using our variables

  4. Generate short-links for multiple images in one operation

  5. Download your data, complete with images ready for immediate utilization in any campaign.

Advantages of employing the "Your Data" functionality:

  1. Generate all your images in advance of sending out your campaign.

  2. Instantly display cached images, ensuring a swift and smooth experience.

  3. Avoid the hassles of slow-loading external websites by pre-caching website screenshots and company logos used in your campaigns.

For a comprehensive explanation and a demonstration of how the "Your Data" feature operates, please watch the video below.

Note: Image views are not counted when caching the data, these will only be counted when using the cached images in a live campaign.

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