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Written by AshLast update 1 year ago is the glue of the internet, it makes connecting online apps and APIs a simple and code free task.


Hyperise provides an App that details personalised image views, enabling automated tasks to be triggered with

For example you might sell red widgets.  You might have a blog post about 'leaking red widgets', when a lead in your funnel starts to read this blog post, adding a tag to that prospect in your CRM, gives a great opportunity to reach out and have a hot topic to address and add value to the prospect.

The Hyperise App is currently in Beta, the invite link to get access it below:

The App has three parameters: 





Visit to get your API token.


Image Template

Select any image template from your account, via a drop down.



Date to show views from.
If blank it will return all views since last API call.
format: Y-m-dTH:i:sZ      eg       2020-01-01T00:00:00Z


To get your api_token visit and create a new API token, giving it a relative name.

Now you have everything you need to create an integration.

So head over to and create a new Scenario and add the Hyperise module:

Once you've added the module:

1) Select the Hyperise Image View Search

2) Add you API token to create the connection to you account

3) Select the image template to be used to trigger an event when viewed


Now the module is configured, you can set the schedule time, to set how often will poll the API to look for new views to trigger further actions.

The API can return more than one result per call, so we need to add an Iterator module, to cycle through each result returned.

Once you've added the Iterator module, you can then hang off that any trigger process, for example: 

1) Updating a customer record in your CRM, when they view a certain image on your website, that signals a certain intent.

2) Add a row to a Google Sheet, to log a list of prospects taking action.

3) Send a personalised postcard in the post, to a customer when they sign-up and see your thanks image/page.

4) Prospect anonymous business visitors, converting IP to company and company to LinkedIn users.

Below is an illustration of the LinkedIn prospecting.  In this case we're connecting Hyperise with TexAu and using the LinkedIn Prospector spice.

We've enabled Reverse IP Lookups within our Hyperise account, so for each anonymous website visitor we will attempt to discover the business behind the IP.  This is successful at finding the business visitors to your website for about 25-30% of your traffic.

Once a business has been identified, we can use a automation with TexAu to pass the data to LinkedIn, search for relevant contacts and then automate the outreach.

We set our filter for the top 3 LinkedIn results with Marketing, owner or CMO in there job title and automatically we have list of prospects we can reachout to.

From there we can then automate the emails and LinkedIn messages to those contacts with more automations, and you whole process becomes daisy chained and on auto-pilot.

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