Dynamic Personalized Website Scrolling Videos

Dynamic Personalized Website Scrolling Videos

Written by IanLast update 6 months ago

If your services relate to your prospects website, then personalizing your sales video with their website is really purposeful and effective.

Create talking-head personalized videos, with your prospects website scrolling in the background in four simple steps:

  1. Create a New Video

    Create a new video choosing the blank template option and not selecting a background video.

  2. Add Website layer to your video
    Drag the website layer onto an empty video canvas and stretch to fill the whole canvas.

  3. Set website layer to scroll

    Within the website layer settings on the right-hand side panel, turn on Scrolling.

  4. Add Video Layer
    Drag the video layer onto the video canvas and position in one of the corners.

    Then choose to Talking Head Layer and then select Record to record your video directly from your webcam.
    In the video you can refer more vaguely to visiting the prospects website, whilst in the background they will see their own website scrolling behind your talking head video, really helping to grab their attention and taking your call to action

Going further

You could choose to show the scrolling website layer for 4 or 5 seconds whilst you introduce yourself and mention you recently visit their website.

From here you could add further Image Layers, uploading images from your sales slide deck, or other value prop images, again setting them to full screen like the website layer before.

You can then match the visual start and stop of each Image Layer, in time with your talking head Video Later as you address each topic.

Going Even Further

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