Adding a Personalised Video to your website

Adding a Personalised Video to your website

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To use personalised videos in your outreach funnels, you simply embed the video in your existing web page, using the Hyperise Website Personalisation toolbar and connect the page to your outreach using the Image Hyper-Campaign.

Let's break the steps down:

1. Create Personalised Video

For the full guide on using the video personalisation editor, check out the Creating Personalised Videos onboarding videos, select Start Tour from the Help menu, when in the video section of Hyperise.

Videos can be personalised, adding in dynamic layers, similar to Hyperise personalised images, but with the addition of being able to control timelines for display and transitions.

Additionally videos can be interactive, adding buttons that can link to external web links (pushing personalisation to that page) as well as link to other personalised videos, to create a truly personalised experience.

2. Use the Website Personalisation Toolbar to add the video to your web page

If you've not installed the Website Personalisation Toolbar Chrome Extension, then click here to install it first.

Once installed, navigate the web page you want to add the video too and click the icon in the Chrome browser toolbar.

Checkout the the full website personalisation guide.

You have two options to add the video to the page, either replacing an existing image already on the page, or replacing the content of an existing DIV element.

Replace Existing Image with a video
Click any image on the page and the media selection box will display, select the Video tab, then choose the required video.  Once you've clicked the video in the list, you will see the image replace with the video thumbnail.

Replace Existing DIV element with a video
Click any DIV element on the page to select it, once selected it will show with a blue line around it and you can see the element is a DIV in the selected path.

Now right click on the selected area and choose the Replace Content option.  This will now show the media selection box will display, select the Video tab, then choose the required video.

3. Connect your email outreach to your web page using the Hyper-Campaign

Finally to connect your outreach email campaigns to your landing page and personalised video, select the Hyper-Campaign.

Select an image from your Hyperise account, ensure your required integration platform is selected.

Then select the Launch option, to start the Hyper-Campaign.

Add your landing page URL and complete the wizard.

Once completed you'll be given options of Combined and Link code options, which can be added to your email template to link to your page, and push through the personalisation to your website, landing page, and personalised video.

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