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Personalise video with vooplayer and Hyperise

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Personalised video has shown to 3X CTA conversion, so lets get creative and add some personalisation elements to video, using vooPlayer and Hyperise.

Step 1: Create your video

This is a pretty obvious step, the great thing about vooPlayer is you can either upload a video you record, or provide a URL to an existing video on Youtube, or a fair few other video platforms!

For our example, created a simple video, added it to Youtube and pasted in the URL, here we can see the video, without any personalisation added:

Step 2: Create Personalised Images

The concept we're going to follow is adding personalised image overlays.  Using transparent background in our personalised images and setting the canvas the same dimensions as the video, gives flexibility to place items anywhere in the video.

In the example we're going to add a thought bubble, with first name personalisation and set the background to be transparent.

Now add the vooPlayer to the integration and copy the image code

Step 3: Add Personalised Overlays

Now we have our video and personalised image(s), we can combine these in vooPlayer.

Select your uploaded video and navigate to the overlays section Marketing Tools > Interactions & CTAs > Overlays & Annotations

Then click "New Overlay" button and select "Custom HTML" and then Fullscreen template.

We can now paste in the Image code that we copied from Hyperise in step 2.

Once you've added your image code set the timing for the overlay to show and for how long.

You can now repeat this process for each personalised overlay you require in the video.

As you add overlays, they will be shown visually in the timeline below the video.

Step 4: Publish and Share

Click Publish to get your video to Active and grab your video URL.

The videos can be embedded on your own website, used as a pop-up, or just share the video link directly.

In our example we've used the direct video link and added email as the data point for personalisation.  This gives a broader range of possibilities, when we can enrich an email

As shown in the video URL below we've appended "email=ian@hyperise.com" to the video URL, which will enable the video to personalised to Ian from Hyperise 🙂 


If preferred, you can change the email enrichment, and instead just pass direct values, for example:


IF switching from email enrichment to passing values you will also need to make this change to the Hyperise image code, to reflect the parameters being passed:

<img src="https://img.hyperi.se/i/xIxfyqQZ1.png?first_name=<*personName*>" width="100%" />

Any that's it, video that's both enriched and personalised to each recipient!

Here's a few screenshots from our example video, showing the personalisation in full effect, in the first we're using the first name in the thought bubble, as well as logo on the wall.

and here in this example, we can see we've inlined a screenshot of the prospects website:

Watch the full video example here:  https://hyperise.cdn.vooplayer.com/publish/MjQxMTM5?email=ian@hyperise.com

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