Using Google Sheets for Image Logic

Using google sheets and hyperise to create personalised and logic based images

Written by AshLast update 2 years ago

If you already have your prospect data in Google Sheets, you most likely understand how flexible and powerful this tool can be.

From a Google Sheet you can leverage powerful APIs to grab further data, you can Zap integrations, and you can mass email out, with tools like YAMM or GMass << check out our step by step articles.

One of the more powerful uses of a Sheet are logic based functions, such as IF statements and VLOOKUPs. 

Coupling these functions with your data and image components, then integrating into a Hyperise image, and you've got a hyper personalised image.

In the following video we go through the steps of creating a VLOOKUP to dynamically show different background images in our personalised image, based on the prospects gender and business sector.

Here is a link the Google Sheet used in the above video:

In the above video we dynamically load images into our hyperise personalised image template, in this example we use a lookup to find a gender specific image as well as image based on business industry.  This could also be used with textual replacements as well, changing text within the image, based on the logic from your Sheet.

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