Sending Personalised Images with YAMM

How to send personalised images using Gmail and YAMM

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Our platform aims to work with all marketing solutions, in this article we focus on using Gmail, and automation tool YAMM to send out personalised images in a mass emailing campaign.

The basic steps are:

Add the Google Sheet which contains your prospects as a data source for your dynamic personalised image.

Once you've added your sheet, you will be able to copy the image code, which will for a Sheet formula.  This can then be added to your sheet, in a new column.  Pasting the formula will add the image URL, and can then be copied down the column.

Using YAMM to automate sending out the emails

If you haven’t used YAMM before, it’s a plugin for Google Sheets and Gmail/G Suite that allows you to send bulk email really simply. Check out this awesome YAMM setup guide for first timers.


Now let's create the email template.

Go to your Gmail/G Suite inbox and compose a new email.

In our following example, we’re sending a cold email for ChatWhale, that includes a brief introduction paragraph, personalised image, call to action button and tracking pixel.

We added five markers to the email, to personalise with data from the Sheet:


{{first_name}} prospects first name
{{company_name}} name of company prospect works at
{{product_image}} personalised image, linked to sales page
{{cta_button}} call to action button, linked to sales page
{{pixel_code}} hidden FB tracking pixel

The name inside your marker {{ }} must match exactly the column header of your spreadsheet, as YAMM is case sensitive.

If you have a column header called ‘First Name’ with capitals F and N, write exactly {{First Name}} (and not {{First name}}, or {{first NaMe}} etc.):


Closing your email before sending, automatically saves it in drafts.

YAMM will now be able to select this template for your cold email campaign.

Go back to your spreadsheet, and click Add-ons > Yet Another Mail Merge > Start Mail Merge:

Once done, enter your Sender Name and choose your Gmail draft. Then click ‘Send mails’ to start your mail merge:

Once you click ‘Send mails’, it is not possible to cancel your mail merge delivery. So please be careful to double check your campaign (draft, recipient list, data etc.) before sending your email.

A progress bar will appear, so that you know in real-time the exact number of emails being sent by YAMM:

At the end of your mail merge, you’ll see a confirmation window summarising the total number of emails sent:


Congratulations! You have now successfully sent your first campaign with YAMM. Here’s an example of what your recipients will receive in their inbox:

Pro Tip. We recommend setting up a separate email address for campaigns, so your personal email reputation isn’t effected and your inbox doesn’t get filled with OOO emails.

Once your email campaign has been sent, you’ll see the ‘Merge status’ column in the Sheet update as the recipients respond to your emails.

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