Google Sheets as an data source

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If you already have your prospect data in Google Sheets, you most likely understand how flexible and powerful this tool can be.

From a Google Sheet you can leverage powerful APIs to grab further data, you can Zap integrations, and you can mass email out, with tools like YAMM or GMass << check out our step by step articles.

We full embrace the power of Sheets and have enabled our image templates to pull data directly from a Sheet, right into your images, to take personalisation to a totally new level.

Once you’ve created your personalised image template, you can add the Google Sheet, which contains all your prospects, as a data source for the image:

Click the Add button in ‘Integrations’ of your image template

  1. Select Google Sheets and then New Sheet
  2. Paste in the URL of your Sheet

Your image is now connected to your Sheet, ready to use as a data source, within your personalised image.

We now need to update the Google Sheet with the image being used.

Click to select the Google Sheet data source for your image click 'Copy Link' to.... copy the image link :)

Now we have the image URL Sheet formula copied, we can simply paste direct into the Sheet.

We can see in this example below the formula used, automatically updating for each row.

We hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any questions or need further support.

For further reading, check out our step by step articles on how to automate email campaigns using Gmail, with tools like YAMM or GMass.

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