Shareable Short Links

Shareable Short Links

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Drive engagement and virality of your message, with Shareable Personalized Short Links

Personalized Short links when shared socially will show the personalized image of the sharer, so a great way to drive social endorsement and personalized referrals.

When clicked they can be set to redirect to any destination, such as an event registration page, or even a personalized landing page on your own website.

Create Short Links from your personalized images and allow your recipient to share the image, enabling them to be an ambassador of your brand in a few clicks.

Use the HTML below in your emails to add three share buttons like above, which when clicked will share the recipients personalized short link on the selected platform. This will in-turn create a personalized clickable image, like the examples above and below.

Share Code:




<a href="{short_link}">

<img src="" height="50" /></a>



<a href="{short_link}">

<img src=""" height="50" /></a>



<a href="{short_link}">

<img src="" height="50" /></a>




Replace the {short_link} variable with the actual personalized short link to be shared.

The Event Viral Promo

Creating a personalized invite ticket to each registrant of your event adds a nice touch and increases engagement. However making that image shareable, using the above technique can lead to a 50+% uplift in event registrations.

The email

The email below is a example of the email we sent out to each registrant to our event:

The Share

The LinkedIn post below is an example of what is shown when the recipient shares their personalized short link, using the share buttons in the email:

The Result

We typically see a 50+% up-lift in the number of event registrants, when we empower our registrants to share in a delightful and simple way.

In the example below, almost 10% of event registrants shared to at least one social platform.

These social shares generated over 200 additional registrants.

The Steps to Implement

1. Create LinkedIn event by an organization, so you can select the registration option

2. Create shareable personalized ticket GIF

3. Use Zapier to Automate sending "thanks for registering" email

4. Invite 1,000 linkedin connections per week

5. Grow 1st degree connections from other events

1. Create LinkedIn event by an organization

When you create a LinkedIn event, make sure to set the Organizer as a Company page, rather than your own profile.

This will enable the option to select the "Use a LinkedIn registration form". This is a great option as each person who registers for the event will have to submit their details.

The great thing about this option is that the form is already pre-populated with the prospects LinkedIn data, so presents the least friction way to get the attendees details.

2. Create shareable personalized ticket GIF

Using the Hyperise Image editor create an image that represents a ticket, or that is purposeful to the reason for your outreach.

Using a simple GIF background like our example, enables there to be some movement to draw the eye in, but not too distracting from the message.

To create our background, we simply used a Google Presentation Doc, with 8 slides, one for each row of wording.

Then exported that as a PDF and uploaded to to make a GIF out of it. Then uploaded the output to the Hyperise image library.

3. Use Zapier to Automate sending "thanks for registering" email

Using we can create an automated process, so that each time someone registers for the event, we create the shareable personalized short link, and then send a thank you email with the share code included.

You could also add a fourth step to add the registration data to your CRM, or somewhere to run further event engagement emails from.

To take a copy of the above Zap use the following link:

The above link will provide the above Zap, complete with the email template and shareable code, you just need to add you own LinkedIn, Hyperise and Gmail accounts.

4. Invite 1,000 LinkedIn connections per week

You can invite 1,000 of your first degree connections to your event per week. Doing this manually takes about 30-45 minutes, or you can use an automation tool like Expandi to do it in a few minutes.

Doing it manually you can filter you first degree connections by location, as well as industry, which makes it pretty easy to segment your invites.

When you follow this process, LinkedIn will then message each user with an invite to your event, linking to your event page. This can include emails as well as in platform messages, depending on the users message settings.

These invite messages are powerful as they come from LinkedIn, so there is a high level of trust, and so higher engagement.

5. Grow 1st degree connections from other events

To continually scale this process month after month, growing your 1st degree connection is important.

LinkedIn has become extremely limiting of late, so you can't connect to more than 100 new people per week, but using the CSV Import method allows you to increase that to closer to 100 per day.

In fact you can upload up to 10,000 contacts to connect with on LinkedIn using this method, as detailed in this guide from LinkedIn:

So the best strategy is to find 2nd/3rd degree prospects you want to connect with, export their emails and using an automation tool like Expandi and then import them as a CSV Import Campaign.

This will enable you to grow your 1st degree connections much quicker and give you a fresh audience to then promote your event to.

Speaking of events... Using other peoples events as source for potential new connections is a great strategy, as you've already identified that they like to attend events!

Simply find events that are either offering competing or complementary services or solutions and then using an automation tool like TexAu automatically pull out all the attendees, ready for your CSV connection campaign :)

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