Add Personalized Links with personalized images to Gmail and Outlook

Add Personalized Links with personalized images to Gmail and Outlook

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Add Personalised Links with personalized images to email Messages in Outlook and Gmail manually.

If you're not sending emails at scale but want the benefit of personalization then you can use our Chrome Extension to manually send images in emails with or without a personalised link.

Get the Chrome Extension

The first step is to install the Hyperise: Personalized Short Link creator using the link below:

Once installed you will see the new icon in your Chrome web toolbar:  

When you first install it you will need to log in using your standard Hyperise account details:

Make sure once logged in that the Outlook and Gmail tick boxes are ticked:

When you now open Outlook or Gmail and compose a new message you'll see the same Hyperise icon in your email composure window.

Clicking on that icon will allow you to select the image you want to use and also if you want to add a link so when the image is clicked the user is redirected to a website.

NOTE: you will need to have added a recipient to the email BEFORE you add the image.

Set-up Custom Domain

Short links by default will use a Hyperise domain, but you can customise this to your own domain.  To do this you need to add a CNAME record in your DNS settings with your domain provider, ie the company you registered your domain with.

Go to Settings > Custom Domain in your Hyperise account 

Select Assign New Link Domain and follow the wizard to get your domain DNS settings.

Next you will be provided DNS settings, which you can now add to your domain providers DNS settings.  You will notice that part of the settings are in BOLD depending on your provide you may need to add just the bold part, or all of the string.  Check any other CNAMES added to you domain to see if they include the full path (ie or just the relative path (ie link) and follow suit to match.

Updating your domains DNS can take several hours, up to 48 hours to propagate, this will happen automatically and you wont need to do anything further.  It will just happen like magic 😀  

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