Add Personalised Short Links manually in LinkedIn

Add Personalised Short Links manually in LinkedIn

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Add Personalised Links to manual LinkedIn Messages

Using Personalised Short Links, you can provide a simple short link to your prospect, with embedded personalised Open Graph data, meaning when its shared socially, it will generate a personalised preview.


                                  ^ you control the domain                       ^ unique to each link


For example sharing a personalised short link in LinkedIn will generate a preview like this:

Get the Chrome Extension

The first step is to install the Hyperise: Personalized Short Link creator using the link below:

Once installed you will see the new icon in your Chrome web toolbar:  

When you first install it you will need to log in using your standard Hyperise account details:

That's it! you're now ready to add personalised short links in LinkedIn...  

Adding Short Links into LinkedIn messages

Once the Hyperise: Personalized Short Link creator has been installed, you will now see a new button in LinkedIn, wherever you can send a message to your prospects, on their profile, in the messaging section and in searches.

When you click the new Short Link button, a popup screen will show, that will allow you to select your Personalised Image, Title (which shows under the image) and Destination URL.

Add available personalisation tags to the short link title by clicking the merge tag buttons.  These will personalise dynamically when the short link is created.

Hyperise will grab the profile image, first/last name and job title, ready to inject into your image and beyond.  Additionally, if you are on the prospects profile page, then the company name and logo will also be available as well.

The destination URL can be any website URL you choose and when the link or image is clicked, the prospect will be taken there.  Additionally if the destination page has been setup with Hyperise website personalisation, then all the prospects personalised data from LinkedIn will be available to the website, giving a personalised website experience as well.

To learn more about how to personalise your destination pages, checkout the website personalisation guide

Once you click the Submit button the pop-up window will automatically close and your new short link will be copied to your clipboard.  

You now just need to just paste the content into your message.  LinkedIn will now automatically show the personalised image, with title underneath, when the message is posted.

Testing it

When your first creating these short links, you might like to preview what the prospect is going to see in their message, before you post.  To do that, use the LinkedIn post inspector:

Here you can simply paste in your short link and LinkedIn will show you exactly how this will look in your message!

Remember this step is just for testing, you don't need to do this 😉  

Set-up Custom Domain

Short links by default will use a Hyperise domain, but you can customise this to your own domain.  To do this you need to add a CNAME record in your DNS settings with your domain provider, ie the company you registered your domain with.

Go to Settings > Custom Domain in your Hyperise account 

Select Assign New Link Domain and follow the wizard to get your domain DNS settings.

Next you will be provided DNS settings, which you can now add to your domain providers DNS settings.  You will notice that part of the settings are in BOLD depending on your provide you may need to add just the bold part, or all of the string.  Check any other CNAMES added to you domain to see if they include the full path (ie or just the relative path (ie link) and follow suit to match.

Updating your domains DNS can take several hours, up to 48 hours to propagate, this will happen automatically and you wont need to do anything further.  It will just happen like magic 😀  

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