Add Personalised Short Links to Expandi

Add Personalised Links to Expandi LinkedIn message automations

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Add Personalised Links to Expandi LinkedIn Messages

Using Personalised Short Links, you can provide a simple short link to your prospect, with embedded personalised Open Graph data, meaning when its shared socially, it will generate a personalised preview.


                                  ^ you control the domain                       ^ unique to each link


For example sharing a personalised short link in LinkedIn will generate a preview like this:

Set up Custom Domain

To create your personalised links, you must first add you custom link domain to your account.

To do this go to Settings > Custom Domain to setup.  

For further details on this process, check out the Link Domain Setup Guide.


How to create Personalised Short Links using a Expandi

To use personalised short links with Expandi, you must first add your Hyperise API key to Expandi, for further details, check out the Expandi Integration Guide.

Once the API has been added, you will see Hyperise image and placeholder options available in your messaging.

1) Select the Hyperise placeholder on the right

2) Choose the personalised image to be shown

3) Add the title and description of the Link, using  placeholders for even more personalisation

4) Click Submit to add to the message

Thats it!  Now Expandi will do their magic and create a personalised Short Links where ever you place the placeholder tag.

To personalise the landing page your directing to from your Short Link, follow this guide on Defining personalisation on your website.

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