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Click Funnels + Hyperise Integration - Use ClickFunnels to Grow Your Business with Personalised Images

Written by AshLast update 3 years ago

Rather than provide data to Hyperise, such as is the case with Lists and Google Sheets, you can also supply data to the image "on the fly", via URL parameters, which will dynamically create the image as its loaded.

ClickFunnels can be used by adding in merge tags to the dynamic image template.

Step One: Add ClickFunnels as a datasource

Once ClickFunnels has been added as a data source, click to select it, then copy the Image code.

The image link copied will include all the required ClickFunnels tags to personalise your email.

Step Two: Add image link to ClickFunnels message

Within ClickFunnels create a new email message and in the Email Editor, select add 'Image / Image Link'  then paste in the copied image link from step one.

It will show with default data in the preview, but these will be updated for each prospect as the emails are sent out.

Thats it! ClickFunnels will now pass the prospect data it has to the image, which will be created on the fly, as ClickFunnels sends out the email and the recipients open it.

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