LinkedFusion Integration

LinkedFusion Integration

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Hyperise is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to automate your marketing tasks and improve your ROI. It integrates with LinkedFusion, a powerful LinkedIn automation tool, to help you manage your LinkedIn marketing campaigns more effectively.

With this integration, you can easily attach images that contains a personalized touch for every prospect that is added to your LinkedFusion sequences.

Steps to setup this Integration

  1. Get the API key from Hyperise

  2. Add the Hyperise API to LinkedFusion

  3. Add an image from Hyperise to the LinkedFusion sequence

Get the API key from Hyperise

  1. Get to your Hyperise Dashboard, and navigate to the Settings section.

  2. Under the Settings screen, look for the API section and create a new API Token.

Add the Hyperise API to LinkedFusion

  1. Get to your LinkedFusion Dashboard, and navigate to Hyperise Settings under the Integration Tab.

  2. Add the Hyperise API Token, and Save the Token with LinkedFusion.

Add an image from Hyperise to the LinkedFusion sequence.

  1. Navigate to Outbound Sequences in LinkedFusion, and Create a new Invitation type sequence.

  2. Add the name to the sequence, set the working hours, then provide the target audience, and finally, we will reach the Messaging step, and here we set out messaging.

  3. First, add a LinkedIn connection message. Once it is ready, we will proceed with the follow-up messages.

  4. Once you have drafted the follow-up message, you will an attachment symbol below the message. Select Upload from Hyperise option in the attachments.

  5. Select the image that you would like to use from the Hyperise (make sure the image is set Live on Hyperise).

  6. Click Add Field Button below the image, and select the value that you would like to pass to this image. In my image, I only require the First Name of the prospect, you can use multiple if your image contains multiple tags.

  7. Once your draft is ready, click on Add. Once all your follow-ups are added, click on Submit and Start your sequence.

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