OctopusCRM Integration

OctopusCRM Integration

Written by IanLast update 2 years ago

With OctopusCRM you can automate your LinkedIn prospecting with LinkedIn messaging.

In this guide we cover the LinkedIn side and how to include personalised images in your LinkedIn messages, using OctopusCRM.

  1. Create your Image in Hyperise and add the OctopusCRM integration
  2. Add a LinkedIn message to an Template in OctopusCRM 

Lets jump into each of those steps and breakdown

1. Create your Image in Hyperise and add OctopusCRM integration

If you haven't used Hyperise before, checkout our videos for a quick overview on creating your first personalised image.  

Once your image is created, add the OctopusCRM integration added, copy the image code...

2. Add a Personalised Image to a Template in OctopusCRM

Using the Message Sequences section we can create a new message template and paste the image code from step one directly into the message input box.  LinkedIn will automatically show the image from the URL added.

Now when this automation is ran and the message posted, LinkedIn will enrich the image link and show the full personalised imaged embedded in the  message, enabling this...

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