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How to use Hyperise Images with a platform not yet integrated

Written by AshLast update 2 years ago

What if the integration you're looking for isn't presently added to Hyperise?

Don't worry, that doesn't mean you can't use it!

Hyperise has been built to be open and flexible from the ground up.

This means you're able to use it with 1000's of other marketing platforms, right out of the box.

Our dynamic image templates work by receiving recipient information via key=value parameters appended to the image URL.

For example imageURL?

Integrations work by replacing the a hardcoded value like above with a merge tag from your chosen platform:

For example imageURL?email=[EMAIL]

Each platform will have a slight variance on the use of personalisation merge tags, eg {{ }} instead of [ ] etc

Once you know the merge tags from your platform, you can select the Default integration and add them yourself manually.

If you would like to contribute an integration suggestion of what you would find useful, please leave a comment on our public roadmap:

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