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Use SmartLead + Hyperise to hyper personalise your email marketing automation.

Add personalised images to instantly email templates, using Hyperise and this integration guide, it's literally a couple of steps and you're done!

Once you've added a Hyperise dynamic image to your instantly template it will automatically personalise to your recipient when it's sent out!

Step One: Add SmartLead as an Integration

Once SmartLead has been added as an Integration, make sure it's selected, then copy the Image Link.  The image link copied will include all the required instantly tags to personalise your email.

Step Two: Add image link to SmartLead message

Within SmartLead create/edit an email template, within the email editor click the insert image button, and paste in the image code copied from step one.

You will now see your image template in the editor with the image with personalisation tags in place.

Step Three (optional): Make the image clickable

Once your image displays in the template, highlight select the hyperlink icon and copy and paste the code from Link Only

Thats it! 

SmartLead will now pass the prospect data it has to the image, which will be created on the fly, as instantly sends out the emails.

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