Fallback Data

How to use fallback default data within your dynamic image templates.

Written by AshLast update 3 years ago

Data enrichment works great for business emails, but in some situations enrichment my fail, either because the business is new, or has little digital or social footprint.

For these cases, it's good practice to setup fallback personalisation to your images.

Text Fallback

If you've added a textual element to your image template, within the settings you can select 'Text Defaults' which will provide options to link another dynamic field, or a static text.

For example we could use {{first_name}} text variable, adding in {{business_name}} as a fallback.

Image Fallback

Similar to text, we can also set a fallback for profile and logo images.  For profile you can select the logo as a fall back, and for logo you can select a fallback static image.

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