UChat Integration

UChat Integration

Written by IanLast update 2 years ago

Use Personalisation to enhance your UChat Chatbot experience across all types of conversation.

  • Welcome Messages

  • Abandoned Visitors

  • Reminders

  • In responce to Questions

  • Dynamic Coupons

  • Quizzes

  • Personalised certificates

Step One: Create Your Personalised Image

Log in to your Hyperise account and create a new dynamic image and then select UChat as an Integration. 

Once UChat has been added as an Integration, click to select it, then copy the Image code.

The image link copied will include all the required UChat tags to personalise your image.

Step Two: Add an Image Block to Your UChat Flow

Add an Image content block to your desired UChat Message, flow or sequence.

Select to Insert image via URL and paste in the image link from step one.

That's it, your bot will now pass data to your image and personalise on the fly when shown to each bot user.

Go further by using the user input to collect further data to push to your images, such as website address, to show personalised images with the bot users website screenshot in the image.

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