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CleverMessenger + Hyperise Integration - Use Clever Messenger to Grow Your Business with Personalised Images

Written by AshLast update 5 months ago

Use Clever Messenger + Hyperise to hyper personalised chatbot communication flows.

Clever Messenger can be used by adding in merge tags to the dynamic image template.

Step One: Add Clever Messenger as an Integration

Once Clever Messenger has been added as an integration, click to select it, then copy the Image code.

The image link copied will include all the required Clever Messenger tags to personalise your email.

Step Two: Add image link to Clever Messenger Flow

Within Clever Messenger select your bot and either create a new Flow or edit an existing one.

Within your bot flow add an Image Message card, and paste in the URL copied from step one.

This will give you basic personalisation, based on the default information the bot has on the user (ie First/Last name and Profile Picture).

Step Three: Asking and Passing further information

Within Clever Messenger you can also setup Custom Fields and ask the user for additional information, which can then be used for further personalisation.

In the above example we ask the user for their email, store this to Custom Field EMAIL and then pass this to the Hyperise image, to provide deeper personalisation.

Thats it! Clever Messenger will now pass the collected data it has to the image, which will be created on the fly, as Clever Messenger sends out the chat messages.

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