BotStar Integration

Personalise conversational commerce with Hyperise and BotStar

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Use Personalisation to enhance your BotStar Chatbot experience across all types of conversation.

  • Welcome Messages
  • Abandoned Visitors
  • Reminders
  • In responce to Questions
  • Dynamic Coupons
  • Quizzes
  • Personalised certificates

1. Create Your Personalised Image

Log in to your Hyperise account and create a new dynamic image and then select BotStar as an Integration. 

Once the integration is added, you can select from your data sources and copy the image link code.

2. Add a HTTP Block to Your BotStar Flow

Drag the block into the flow and edit by clicking the Config JSON API button, then paste in the Image code copied from step one above into the API Endpoint field. 

3. Test and Preview

You can now preview your bot flow and see the personalised image using the Preview function.

3. Add any custom attributes

Using User Input element your bot can ask questions and return answers that can be stored in variables and then used in personalise images.

For example asking a user for their website address and passing that to variable and then using the website URL to create a screenshot of the website in your image template.

At the end of the Image URL you should see the custom parameters that you added into your Image template. Place your cursor after the equals sign and click {...} for a dropdown list of available options.

4. Publish and Enjoy!

Click save. All that’s left to do now is to build out the rest of the BotStar flow or sequence as desired. 

Now You Can Personalise Your Facebook Messenger Experience and more Like Never Before!

For example combining the above with User Input controls in BotStar means you can ask questions, record the answer in a custom variable and pass that to a personalised image template.

The possibilities are endless...

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