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Create your own Image Personalisation SaaS platform with the Hyperise Agency White Label solution.

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Create your own Image Personalisation SaaS platform with the Hyperise Agency White Label solution.

If subscribed to our Whitelabel Plan, you will have access to our White Label function, this enables you to remove all Hyperise branding from the platform and operate under your own brand.

Within the White Label section of your account Settings, you will be able to set Logo, Business Name, Domain, as well as Email credentials to send out user invited, password resets and other such communication.


When setting your domain, you can either use a sub-domain, eg like as in the example, or use a naked domain, like (ie no app. sub-domain).

Once you have added your domain you will need to make a DNS change with your domain provider, to point to the Hyperise servers.

You need to create an A record pointing to from your host.domain

For example:

Once the DNS has been added, within 24hours it should be propagated and you should be able to login to your newly branded platform.

Dashboard Welcome

When new users first log in to your platform, they will be shown a welcome banner, consisting of a personalised image and background colour to infill variable width screen sizes, so not to distort the welcome banner image.

Both of these settings can be controlled with the White Label:


You can upload your own logo this will be used in the top left position of the menu, as well as the icon for Default and Data Enrichment icons within the Integrations section.

User Support

By default the support centre is turned off, as this has Hyperise branding, this can be turned on to give your uses access to the Hyperise support options.

System Messages

Email messages, such as new user invites and password resets etc are sent via a Mailgun account.  A MailGun account ( is free to sign-up for and comes with 10,000 free emails per month, so should be more than adequate as a free option for most cases.

To setup sending email from your domain, via Mailgun, the Hyperise White Label requires four pieces of information:

From address and name should be straight forward and be related to your domain and an email account you access to, to capture any replies.

For the Mailgun  Domain and Private API Key, follow these steps:

1) Create a Free account, if you don't already have one, select Pay as you Go - Concept plan.

2) Navigate to Sending > Domains and select "Add New Domain"  button to add your email domain to Mailgun.

3) You're more than likely using your existing domain for email with another provider, so rather than disturb that, we can setup Mailgun to use a sub-domain for processing email.  In the example we use

4) Once your domain has been added, you'll need to add some more DNS records, for the email to work, Mailgun will give you these settings.  They also have some handy guides for the main domain providers, if you get stuck.

5) Once the domain has been verified you can add that into the Mailgun Domain field in Hyperise.

6) The API key can be found in Settings > API Keys, then click the eye icon on the right to reveal, copy and update in Hyperise.

7) That's it, you're good to go, if you've followed this guide through.  You can now visit your app domain, login with your existing Hyperise credentials and start creating new accounts in the Agency section and inviting new users to them, who will be invited under your brand, to your platform.

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