How to add Personalised Video to your outreach.

How to add personalised video to your outreach

Using personalised video is a great way to drive engagement in your outreach campaigns.

Due to the restrictive HTML capabilities of email tools, videos can't be embedded in email with a universal experience for all email recipients.  To overcome these technical restrictions we can embed a personalised GIF of the video, which when clicked to play, leads the user to a web page wit the video embedded.

In this guide we're going to cover all the steps to achieve this:

1)  Create your personalised video in Hyperise, if you haven't started this process yet, check out the Video Personalisation Onboarding in the Hyperise academy.

Once your video is complete, you can embed it on any page on your website, where we will direct your outreach campaign to.  To learn more about embedding personalised videos on your website pages, check out the Adding a Personalised Video to your website guide.

2) Once the video is complete, the next step is to create a GIF from the video.  Using (a free online service) you can convert a section of your video to a GIF image.


Here you can set the start and end time of the GIF, ideally you want a 1-2 second GIF, that has a seamless loop, to create the perfect GIF animation.

Once done, select the Convert to GIF button and then Save to download your new GIF.

3) Now we can simply upload the new GIF to your Hyperise image library and use in a new image. 

Adding a play button to your GIF, to simulate how a video would look, increase the likelihood of the recipient clicking the image, especially if you add some personalisation layers to the GIF.

There is a YouTube video frame in your image library that you can add as an image layer, to add a play button.

Alternatively there are some button shapes available as well:

4)  Now the GIF is complete you can use the Hyper-Campaign to add your GIF to your outreach campaign and link to your landing page where you've embedded your video.  

To do this click the Get Image Code button below your image, from here you can select your integration and then the landing page you've added your image to.

NB: this final step 4 is suitable for email integrations, if you're using a social platform such a LinkedIn, then using Personalised Short Links is a better solution to deliver clickable images in your outreach messages.

For more details on creating personalised short links check out the Personalised Short Links guide.