Form website personalization

Form website personalization

If you haven't been able to identify the web visitor via utm_hyperef parameters from your campaigns, or reverse IP lookups, or with a cookie from a prior session, your next best option is to ask the visitor for some information and then personalising based on that input.

Of course there are many ways ask a user for information, such as chatbots (see our Landbot guide if that's your bag), but for this example lets keep it simple with a form.

To pass collected data to Hyperise, to enable enrichment and personalisation, simply use the following Javascript call in your form or web calls, passing the collected data:

hyperise.personalize({email: ''});

Simply replace the email value with the input field ID. In the above GIF example we have a simple form, an input field called email and a button to trigger the form.  Finally we see in the form action the Javascript call to Hyperise, sending the email value direct from the input form.

<form action="javascript:hyperise.personalize({email: document.getElementById('email').value});" method="POST" >
  <input type="email" value="" name="email" id="email"  placeholder="email address" >
  <button >See Personalisation Demo</button>

You can pass any collected data; the example above is passing an email to Hyperise, the example below is passing the first name:

hyperise.personalize({first_name: document.getElementById('fname').value});

You can also pass multiple values, by using commas to separate each name: value pair:

hyperise.personalize({first_name: '', website: '', email: ''});

You can reset any personation in the users session by triggering the following Javascript command: