Add personalised images to Wordpress website

The Hyper-campaign enables you to connect emails to websites, to further personalise the customer funnel.

Go to the Hyper-campaign section from the main menu.

Step One: Select your image template and copy the sale page code.

Once your image template is selected, the Javascript snippet will appear, allowing it to be copied. The code includes the javascript and image tag, we can now add these to the WordPress page.

Step Two: Add JS and Image to Wordpress

If you have added custom Javascript to your Wordpress website before, such as below, you can add your Hyperise Snippet here and apply it to your whole site.

Alternatively use the WordPress Hyperise Plugin

The WordPress plugin allows you to add the Hyperise Snippet to each page, as well as set the Open Graph tags of that page, allowing the webpage URL to be personalised when shared in LinkedIn/Facebook/Slack/Twitter messages.

Step Three: Add tracking to email links

The final step is to update the links in your email, that go to the Wordpress page.

Adding the utm_hyperef parameter to links in your email, along with appropriate merge tags of your chosen email platform, will then enable visitors to that page to see the personalised image.