Image Integrations Overview

Once you've created a dynamic image template, you need to add an integration to feed the image with personalised data.

To add an integration, select the ADD button in the integration section, found to the right of the main image canvas.

The Image Link details shown will automatically update based on the dynamic layers added to the image.  For example if your image is personalised with the prospects first name:

Once you've added an integration, selecting it will update the image code link and preview details.

We're adding more integration's all the time, once you select ADD you will see a list of available options, you can filter this be selecting the category drop down (top right).


Once you have defined a prospect list, or uploaded your own data, the Lists data source option will allow you to select your created lists.

Each list prospect will be assigned a unique ID, which forms part of the image URL, to create each personalised image:

Google Sheets Integrations

As an alternative to uploading prospect data as a List, you can connect a Google Sheet that contains prospect data.  Select Sheets, connect your Google account and paste in the Sheet URL:

Each list prospect within your Sheet will use the row number to form part of the image URL, to create each personalised image:

Hyperise Data Enrichment Source

Our data enrichment services use an email address or corporate domain.

Our data is sourced from 200+ public and private sources and verified for accuracy through strict quality assurance processes.

Using a business domain we're able to enrich the following points of company data to be used within the image template:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Location
  • Website
  • Phone Number

If an business email is provided, we can further enrich with person data:

  • Full Name
  • Profile Image
  • Job Title

Using data enrichment does incur a pass on fee, but is the simplest way to personalise an image from just an email or website domain.

Other Integrations

We are constantly adding new integrations.