Video Sales Landing Pages

How to create a Video Sales Landing Pages

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With Hyperise Video Pages you have a simple way to share your personalized videos to your prospects and customers.

Video pages can be fully customised with your own logo, and branding, as well as being able to embed your current calendar booking solution directly below the video.

These Video pages are an ideal way to share and drive sales bookings, demo’s or any other sort of appointment you’re wanting to achieve in your funnel.

Don’t share boring calendar links any more, adding highly engaging personalized videos with your calendar will lead to significant engagement and more people booking into your calendar.

Enabling the Video Page

First, within the Video Editor, select the Page Tab on the right and side of the editor.

The simply toggle the Enable Page switch to on, this will then present you with options to set your Page title, including being able to add in personalisation variables using the {...} dropdown, also you will have the option to set the font, size and colour of the Page Title.

Page Logo

In addition to a Page Title, you can also set a Logo, this will be your own logo or brand image, rather than a personalized logo, which you could set in the video itself.

You can select any image you've uploaded to your image library, or upload a new image to use. Once selected you will be able to set the image size by either width of height, to suit your page.

NB: When changing one of these dimensions, the other value will change automatically to maintain image ratio size.

Page Background

You can set the Page Background colour also, by default this is white, but you may wish to change this to a contrasting colour to your video or embedded calendar, so that these are more prominent to the visitor.

Page Calendar Embed Code

The final setting for your page is the Embed Code, this would typically be your calendar code, as provided by your Calendar booking solution. Simply paste in the code provided and it will just work, regardless of which calendar platform you are using.

NB: this Embed Code box can accept any HTML code, so you could if you wished add other Embed code, or indeed other HTML based content to your page, if your page needed it.

Custom Video Page Domain

The URL of your Video page will be determined by the Custom Domain set within your Settings.

We recommend setting a Custom Domain like or which will give the user brand comfort as well as a subtle call to action ;)

For more details on setting up your Custom Domain, check out the guide below:

Sharing your Video Pages

Once your Video Page is setup, you'll want to include it in your outreach Campaigns, for details on how to simply do this, check out the guide below:

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