Sending Personalised Images with Gmail

Written by AshLast update 4 years ago

Hyperise aims to work with all marketing solutions and in most cases for mass emailing an automation platform is best, and we integrate with the best of them.

However personalised images aren't just effecting for mass emailing, sometimes dropping a personalised image in one off 1-2-1 makes sense.  

For example I have a picture of me holding a thanks card, with a FIRSTNAME personalisation, I send that quite often in 1-2-1 emails, as simple but personal touch in emails that have cause for a thank you.

Our data enrichment services use an email address or corporate domain, and enriches or fills in the gaps of your existing data.

Our data is sourced from 200+ public and private sources and verified for accuracy through strict quality assurance processes.

Adding the 'Hyperise Data Enrichment' data source to your image will enable email enrichments.

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