Personalised Short Links Overview

Personalised Short Links Overview

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Personalised Short Links Overview

Using Personalised Short Links, you can provide a simple short link to your prospect, with embedded personalised Open Graph data, meaning when its shared socially, it will generate a personalised preview.


                                   ^ you control the domain                       ^ unique to each link


For example sharing a personalised short link in LinkedIn will generate a preview like this:

This can also be replicated in other platforms, like this:

How to create Personalised Short Links

1. Follow the Setup a Custom Domain Guide to use your own domain in your short links

2. Once your domain is setup, you can create the Short Links in 4 different ways, check the different method guides below:

2a: Using a CSV file

2b: Using Expandi

2c: Using a Google Sheet

2d: Using Zapier

2e: Using the API

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