Outreach.io Integration

Outreach.io Integration

Use Outreach.io + Hyperise to hyper-personalise your marketing automation.

Add personalised images to Outreach.io email templates, using Hyperise and this integration guide.

We have two ways to add images to Outreach.io:

  1. Using the HTML control within the Email templates
  2. Using the Hyperise Chrome Extension

Using the HTML control within the Email templates

First add the Outreach integration to your image, make sure it's selected, then copy the image code.

Once copied, head over to Outreach and create or edit an email template.  Use the HTML option to add the image code, pasting in the code copied from Hyperise.

That's it, each time your template is used in emails and sequences, it will automatically personalise from the prospect data within Outreach.

 - OR -  Using the Hyperise Chrome Extension

To make the process of adding images to your templates even easier, we've developed a Google Chrome Extension, the enables you to simple drag any Hyperise image in your account, directly into your email template in Outreach.io


Check out the example below adding a personalised image in to a sequence email.

Pretty simple stuff, just drag the image directly from the Hyperise image list, into your email!

Chrome Extension

To get started first you need to install the Chrome Extension:


Once installed look for the Hyperise Outreach button in your browser toolbar.

Resize Images

Images will be added to your email templates in there actual size. If you want the image to be displayed smaller, simply grab the corner of the image a drag to resize.

Filter Image Results

Filter image results using the images name you set in Hyperise.


As well as adding image to emails in sequences, you can also set images in the same way in your templates.

and then use the templates when building out emails.

Once you've added a Hyperise dynamic image to your Outreach.io template it will automatically personalise to your recipient when it's sent out!

Thats it!   Outreach.io will now pass the prospect data it has to the image, which will be created on the fly, as Outreach.io sends out the emails.

Watch it all in action, in this short video overview: