Zoho Integration

UPDATE: Despite surfacing personalisation tags Zoho cache all images on email campaign, meaning they don't presently support dynamic images.

"Thank you for contacting Zoho Campaigns.
The requested Image Personalization feature is currently not available in Zoho Campaigns. We will share your request with our Product Management team requesting to add it in our road-map list so they can work on this request in our future updates. We will also keep you posted with any updates and we appreciate your patience in the meantime. Sorry to disappoint you on this front. "

The following guide is left in place for when they do complete and release an update...

Personalise your email images "on the fly", via URL parameters, which will dynamically create the image as its loaded.

Zoho can be used by adding in merge tags to the dynamic image template.

Step One: Add Zoho as an Integration

Once Zoho has been added as an Integration, click to select it, then copy the Image code.

The image link copied will include all the required Zoho tags to personalise your email.

Step Two: Add image link to Zoho message

Within Zoho create a new email campaign.

You will be given the choice of selecting an existing template, or creating one, either is fine.

Once you've selected a template, drag in or select an existing image block and choose the Image URL option, now paste in the link from step one.

The image will show with default data in the preview, but these will be updated for each prospect as the emails are sent out.

Thats it! Zoho will now pass the prospect data it has to the image, which will be created on the fly, as Zoho sends out the email and the recipients open it.