HubSpot Integration

Add personalised images to your HubSpot email campaigns using Hyperise.

Simply add a Hyperise dynamic image to your email templates and HubSpot will add data to the image "on the fly", via URL parameters, which will dynamically create the image as its loaded.

It's amazingly simple to do, read on for the steps to get started....

Step One: Add HubSpot as an Integration

Once HubSpot has been added as an Integration, make sure it's selected, then copy the Image Link.  The image link copied will include all the required HubSpot tags to personalise your email.

Step Two: Add image link to HubSpot message

Within HubSpot create a new email message and select 'Add Image', choosing add by URL, then paste in the copies image link from step one.

Thats it! HubSpot will now pass the prospect data it has to the image, which will be created on the fly, as HubSpot sends out the image.