ActiveChat Integration

Use Personalisation to enhance your ActiveChat Chatbot experience across all types of conversation.

  • Welcome Messages
  • Abandoned Visitors
  • Reminders
  • In responce to Questions
  • Dynamic Coupons
  • Quizzes
  • Personalised certificates

Step One: Create Your Personalised Image

Log in to your Hyperise account and create a new dynamic image and then select ActiveChat as the data source. 

Once ActiveChat has been added as a data source, click to select it, then copy the Image code.

The image link copied will include all the required ActiveChat tags to personalise your email.

Step Two: Add an Image Block to Your ActiveChat Flow

The video below shows an example flow you could create with Hyperise + ActiveChat

IMPORTANT: add a space to the end of your image URL when you paste into ActiveChat, else the dynamic personalisation wont work....

Step Three: Activate your Chatbot flow

ActiveChat can work with many bot types, so the details will change per installation, below is a link to a website chatbot example, created in the video above.

With ActiveChat you could also enable this chat flow in Facebook Messenger, by simply connecting to your business page.